Allinelectricals Working Closely With B&B Hospital for relief in Nepal

We Request You To Kindly Contribute As Per Your Own Convenience  For The Humanitarian Cause.

Nepal is currently being hit by a sequence of major earthquakes. Words fall short to describe the extreme devastation and human suffering that has ensued in the last 48 hours. 

The first earthquake to hit Nepal measured 7.9 Richter scale. We were hit by another devastating quake just over 24 hours later measuring 6.7 Richter scale. The current death toll is estimated at around 4,500 and is rising by the day. Many of the areas hit by the quakes are yet to be reached.

Children and adults are presenting to B&B Hospital with crushed limbs, broken heads, and injuries to the neck, spine, chest and abdomen. Whilst the injuries and fatalities coming through to B&B Hospital are extremely distressing for everyone, we are fortunate that so many of you are contributing so much to help those most unfortunate in this unfathomable misery.

List of things which we are collecting is mentioned below

With B&B Hospital are doing all we can to ensure that all the resources we are being so generously offered get to those who need it the most at the earliest possible. Getting the appropriate treatment to the patients in time is crucial for all involved and we have therefore produced a list of logistics, medical supplies and equipment we need to address the type of injuries that are presenting to B&B Hospital:

1)    Tents waterproof

2)    Emergency light (solar powered lights)

3)    Mattresses, pillow, blankets, trolleys, Wheelchairs, Chair cum beds

4)    Body bags for the deceased

5)    Urobag, folley’s catheter, syringes, crepe bandage, knee immobilizer, neck immobilizer, Ankle foot orthosis, arm sling, cervical collar

6)    Drinking water & food (e.g. Dry foods)

7)    Dressing materials

8)    Saline units

9)    Disposable surgical –  gloves (sterile+ unsterile), Dressing sets, Gown, caps, masks, Instruments, Drapes, patient gowns

10) Oxygen concentrator

11) Portable monitor

12) Pulse oximeters

13) Defibrillator (AED)

14) Disposable bedsheets/ pillow cases

15) Medication list;

1.         AFO

2.         ARM SLING

3.         BENECAST 4"

4.         BENECAST 5"

5.         CETIL 500 TAB

6.         CETIL INJ


8.         CIFRAN 500MG TAB

9.         cilanem inj

10.       CIPRO INJ

11.       CREPE BANDAGE 4"

12.       CREPE BANDAGE 6"

13.       DICLONIP INJ

14.       DNS 500ML

15.       DS 5%


17.       lipuro inj

18.       magnex 3g

19.       meronem 1gm

20.       MET 400MG TAB

21.       METRON INJ

22.       midosed inj

23.       NELAC INJ

24.       NS 500MI

25.       PANTOCID 40MG TAB

26.       POP 4"

27.       POP 6"

28.       provive inj

29.       RELIEF TAB

30.       RL 500ML

31.       SOFTBAND 4"

32.       SOFTBAND 6"

33.       SPORIDEX 500MG CAP

34.       STOKINET 3"

35.       SYRING 10CC

36.       SYRING 20CC

37.       SYRING 3CC

38.       SYRING 5CC

39.       T.T INJ

40.       VECURON INJ

41.       ZANOCIN 400DS TAB

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