Reporter: Chandigarh 03 Oct 2015
Farther of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi believed and preached "Self Reliance" ie Least dependence on other.
On his birthday today i.e (02/10/2015) one household in Delhi NCR ( Faridabad) became self reliant to produce electricity from the sun not only this household will produce green electricity but will also be able to send extra electricity produced back to the Grid and in turn enlightening other users.
Newage Keditech has installed 5 Kwp Solar roof top power plant in Faridabad duly fitted with Net Meter. This has been the first of its kind in the state.

CEO’s Voice

"When we received this order from the customer , we assured him that we will get a net meter connected , our success and failure was totally on the installation of the meter , as the technology was not known to the DISCOM of the area , but with our efforts and endeavour of our customer we made it sure that the same happened within one month of installation of the plant , the state govt was swift and very helpful. Today we are very proud of our achievement and are sure lot many households will become self reliant in future"

(Punit Gupta CEO Newage Group)