List of products by manufacturer TATA Power Solar

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  • Withstand hard water up to 600 PM, chlorides up to 300 PPM. It supplies hot water daily upto 80 degree Celsius. It is efficient and works without electricity. It is user and environment friendly. The tank of this geyser is made from steel

  • The appliance has high-quality design that ensures low maintenance costs over the system’s lifetime. Many years of warranty give you the reassurance of long-term reliability. It is durable and has long functional life. It provides consistent performance. Daily hot water and better performance in winter and cloudy days. Suitable with pressure booster pump.

  • The appliance has ultrasonic laser welded copper fins and riser tubes that ensures high thermal conductivity. It will help you to protect yourself from rising fuel costs. It has a pressure and air-release valve. It has 500 litres epoxy coated steel tank. It is energy- efficient and easy to install.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items